welcome to rezenee.org


this is my personal website that i use as a place to post stuff that interests me. expect to find blog posts about various tech related things, information on projects that i am working on, or any other various things that i may decide to put on here.

my name is renee rickert, people also call me rezenee. i am a currently studying computer science at western michigan university.

you may notice the old school styling of this webpage, and the slightly awkward writing style. this is a deliberate choice. i like how it looks this way, and its my website, so im going to do what i want :). im sorry if you find it hard to read. if anything is particularly bad, send me an email and i will try to improve it.

if you are seeking to contact me, my email is [email protected].

as a disclaimer, this website is very new and i have not spent much time polishing it. expect mobile viewing to be pretty terrible for the time being. sorry about that.

blog posts

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